Web 3.0: what is it good for?

Just some Web 3.0 prediction activity going on. Domainers are weighing in too.

This quote started it, from Thoughts blog:

The best way to sum up Web 3.0 is to say that, in the future, everything will be smart. No longer will you need to go to several web sites to research flights and fares, then book your own ticket with your credit card information on a particular site. In Web 3.0, you’ll just send your software agent on a mission to watch for and book a flight that meets your criteria at the best price (and at the last possible second, giving you more flexibility than you had before). You will be able to see the records for every flight you ever take on any airline, how many miles you have, where you went, what happened to your luggage, etc – all in one place.

The agent-based futureworld prediction has been around for a long time. The idea that everybody has autonomous agents that troll the web on “missions” looking for things and taking actions at the behest of their master. I dunno… the most we can say about Web 3.0 is that innovation will grow out of existing Web 2.0 patterns: blogs, web search, domains, wikia, Digg, social tagging, etc… maybe we’re getting close to the turning-point.

I don’t think Web 3.0 will put agents on every desktop. More likely that the popular sites will continue to seek large numbers of user profiles providing Web 2.0-3.0 services. It’s in those services that we’ll likely see the change: the kinds of content that users can publish and the quality of in- and out-bound links that the new content can support. User-generated content will continue to be king. This will get an extra boost when HTML can use all the functionality of HTTP (see XHTML 2.0).

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