What’s Playing at a Marchex Site Near You?

What’s playing at some of the 100,000 new sites launched by Marchex? Probably a lot more than you think and likely right next door. If you live in Los Angeles, one way to find out is to google “Your unique local guide to” “los angeles”, and examine the results. You’ll see a lot of websites named after the zip codes that cover the Los Angeles area including http://90210.com. Los Angeles is far from alone. Marchex controls a vast collection of premium one and two word generic domain names including geographic locations for most of the United States.

This is a big milestone in the history of parked domains, or websites that contain nothing but sponsored and pay-per-click links, not so much for the quality but for the scale: 100,000 re-designed and centrally managed websites, making it the most complex and largest domain parking deployment ever.

Although this new parking application — and it IS a single application only with 100,000 slightly different faces — provides functionality not found with conventional parking services, it is still a ways off from the holy domain-parking grail.

Imagine a domain owner with a button that would create a slick and attractive web2.0 web application just based on the domain name and a few targeted keywords, a website that would get backlinks and keep ’em coming! Individuals are doing this today with wikia, search engines and other mysterious ways. Marchex adds user reviews and a geographic and topical reach on a scale that is just enourmous. But beware, not everyone is optimistic about the growing number of parked domain networks or about the latest move by Marchex.

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