Spokeo Aggregating Me All Over Again

I just read on Mashable that Spokeo is officially launching. Take a look at this screenshot — it’s a wizard that collects your usernames and passwords to your favorite social sites. What a case-study for useability, architecture and security! (This is the way all similar aggregators work, not just Spokeo.)

Spokeo Account Import Screenshot

Are there alternatives to the keys-to-the-kingdoms method of gathering and aggregating person information across these social sites? There ought to be. This is madness… There will be a day when users take back their personal information. The centralized databases of the large web2.0 social sites will be a thing of the past. SEO black-hats sabotaging their value while users continue to get more adept at personal publishing, the day will come when we reject our social-site masters! You heard it here first… 🙂

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