Make it easy for me please!

Just noticed a flyer in the breakroom advertising a house for sale (Reduced!). If want to find out more about the house, it says I have to go online to and search for the address… [pause for thought]

How lame is that?! Too bad Zillow doesn’t give out cool URLs, like Or anything you could easily link to and have at least some keyword juice.

One comment on “Make it easy for me please!

  1. Hi, it’s David from Zillow,

    Interesting thought – I wonder if sellers will pay for branded URL’s? We do give every home a unique ID (ZPID = Zillow property ID.) I wonder if it would simplify things if we allowed users to search for homes by ZPID.

    Great feedback, thank you – I’ll pass this on to the relevant product teams at Zillow.

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