I’ve got about 100 domain names and have tried various parking services: Bodis, Parked, Sedo, NameDrive, etc… With mediocre names, they all perform about the same for me (well, Sedo is paricullary horrible). And switching between services sucks. Even with only 100 names, re-doing the templates, re-choosing the keywords, re-optimizing every time is a huge headache.

So, I’ve pulled all my domains OUT of the parking garage and started down the road of development. Here are some examples and I’m aiming for something between a parked page (single ad feed) and a full website, a kind of hybrid design all database driven and easy to update with affiliate links and orignal content.

So far, the design has been mostly inspired by ShoppingDepot and OrganizedWisdom. I’m also hoping to link these sites together in a Kosmix fashion taking advantage of my domain verticals. I’ve earned a couple bucks so far off the PPC feed and Adsense, but the design needs improved before the affiliate offers start paying off though…

What do YOU think?

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