A Couple of Recent Pickups

I sold a name at an auction held during the GoDrops.com Live Chat + Drop. Well pleased… it was very fun to run the auction and see a couple names trading hands.

Today I picked up WallTours.com — thinking to setup a Tourism/Travel site for China, the Great Wall, etc… Know any other famous Walls? Let me know…

Also grabbed Youcation.com from a Taster’s Drop. That’s “You” + “Vacation” like the similar phrases: Mancation, Staycation, Homecation, etc… It’s a HOLDER — or maybe a DROPPER 🙂

3 comments on “A Couple of Recent Pickups

  1. Well, the one in Berlin is gone but I believe the “Wailing Wall” in Jerusalem gets more tourism then even the Great Wall in China.

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