The Most Dangerous Thread

Over at Namepros there are numerous threads where people can post their names and ask for opinions and appraisals. Here are a few and what I think of them:

  •; not scary at all, very solid reseller-market, although low and taking a beating
  • and; not too scary, short-names will always be popular
  •; mildly scary, with a countdown thread AND an active sales-report thread, little early to the punch here IMO
  •; not scary at all, they little guys are HOT! Get them if you can!
  •; mildly scary, I’m only getting 3-letter words or very strong acronyms. I just took a little while ago.
  •; not scary, but not HOT either. I own a few… Perception is (with all numerics) the lack of end-users
  • Numeric Names; not scary if 4 digits or less, 5 or more? Run for the Hills!
  •; scary, way to early on these for random letters

And the Most Dangerous Thread Is!

  •; Why are people reg’ing these names?! Absolutely frightening. Either I’m totally missing the boat and just don’t get it, or these guys really need to visit for some great two word dot COMs.! 🙂

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