Took the East AND the West Today

I haven’t reg’d a name in about a week, but today I took TWO names down: one from The Drop, the other from a Taster’s Drop., Wood Ridge, NJ. : Estimated median house/condo value in 2007: $431,283; Population: 7505 (People) : Widely distributed throughout the West and Mid-West; Population: 100,000,000 (Cattle)

I LOVE! Here’s what Google says:

cow town : 6,600
cowtown : 49,500
cow towns : 590
cowtowns : 320

It’s a common folk phrase, so you’d expect a wide range of Google hits: Rodeos, Museums, Skateboards(!?), Boot Manufacturer, a Speedway(!?), Marathons, Music, Western Wear and even Rubber Stamps!

Looks like there’s even a Cow Town Rodeo that comes to New Jersey! I wonder if it’s in the 07075 zipcode? 🙂 just sold for north of $16K and I don’t even have to mention (b/c I want to finish this post) the backstory of I’ve got waiting in the development wings… yeee haaaw!

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