Anyone out there developing GEOs? Anyone out there WANT to develop their GEOs? Me too. Another one for me today: Jason from helped me get this one today on the drop. 1/2 my family is Hungarian and we find ourselves in Budapest a lot… 🙂

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  1. I’ve got development plans for all my GEOs, starting with my pure city or place name geos, then moving to the combos. is a good one… I’ve got a killer monetization plan for geos that doesn’t involve adsense or any online ad network. I’ll tell you more about it next time in the drop.

    For all you budding geodevelopers, tune in to watch the drops with us. Standout is all but giving away the kitchen sink in the contests, and someone is always putting their two cents in on the droppped names that come up.

    But you better be quick if you want to grab the good ones. The heavy lifting’s already been done by Standout and, and it’s always a battle with the tasters and the auction houses.

  2. Thanks Greg! Would love to hear about your plans for GEOs. I’m starting with the combos and working backward 🙂

    The thing buzzing in my ear about geo development is this… when you plan for a website, you generally enumerate the things that might be involved. With GEOs, it’s businesses & places. But why not make PEOPLE the primary “thing” that the site is about, like a Facebook on a GEO domain… see how many “friends” the Major has, give business that chance and place to develop a “group”/pretense, etc… god knows they should do this instead of making all those crappy HTML websites…

  3. That’s an interesting way to approach it.

    My sense is that the market is already so oversaturated with social networks. I mean, how many networks can you keep up with? I think that eventually the Facebooks and Myspaces and Hi5s will realize this and create an interoperability protocol where your profile, and everything in it, is portable between networks, and ubiquitious between the various social network portals and websites.

    Imagine how viable cellphones would be if you couldn’t call someone who wasn’t on your same carrier. We see the change that is going on between the mobile carriers.

    With that said, I think the greatest opportunities GEOs lie beyond business directories, and portal style business models, in helping to foster a greater sense of community online. There are a million ways for a person to find movie times or a pizza parlor or a plumber online, without having to go to a geo portal. What is more difficult to find is that sense of group, that sense of community, and geo is the natural branding mechanism for that.

    I think my best geo is [CityName].ccTld, where the ccTld is the state abbreviation. This is a city with an official population of about 70,000 people, but the greater metro area is about 125,000 people. Since it is not a .com, my first challenge is traffic since it is a fairly obscure ccTld, which most of the people in the state don’t even know that it exists.

    It takes a long time and a lot of work to build an active community online with a forum or otherwise, but a way to begin that is to offer free email. For people who strongly identify with their town, I bet many would love to have a myname@mytown.mystateabbrev email address. Get the word out about that, and then you begin to build steady, returning traffic rather quickly.

    After you’ve got a stream of great traffic, then you begin to add components to the site that engage the community:

    1. Forums.
    2. Blogs.
    3. Classifieds.
    4. Bridges or interfaces to social networks

    Once all of this has been done, it is now time to monetize it. Sure you can run adsense, private ads, or other things to make money along the way, but this is small potatoes compared to what’s next.

    Now that you’ve got a highly targetted, engaged user base, now you can add a business directory element, premium listings, sponsored features and links and so forth. Business don’t want to be sold a field of dreams — build it, and they will come. Businesses want to go where the users are, and are willing to pay much more if it’s a packed house….

    Well, that’s my plan for that GEO at least…

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