Which is Better?

TijuanaForum.com was Backordered today using GoDaddy. That put someone back $18. Just a few weeks ago, I managed to catch on the drop TijuanaGuide.com. Which one do YOU think is Better?

3 comments on “Which is Better?

  1. I like TijuanaGuide.com better than TijuanaForum.com because TJ is the kind of place that you don’t really want to discuss online in a forum the things that you go there for.

    Personally, I love Baja California, but I always use my handy TijuanaGuide to guide me right through the city without stopping.

  2. TijuanaGuide.com is clearly superior for many reasons, one being that “forum” has a limited use and “guide” can be most anything. Another reason is what Greg said… 😉

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