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My Designer Handbag site is doing better than expected and to-date it has more than covered its registration fee within ONE week of being live using eBay affiliate links. Needless to say, I’d like to start another one in a different niche. This time, it’s Deals on Scooters (jump to the end to see what domain it’s on). What ANY site absolutely needs, however, is a Good Domain Name! So, to the Database I turn! has tracked 364 Two-Word dot COMs containing the word “scooter” that have dropped since creating the database. WHERE have all those names gone? Here are some numbers:

  • 251 are Available
  • 7 are deleting withing the next 4 days
  • 106 are Unavailable for Registration

Out of those 106, some are currently being tasted. Which means they’ll be available soon. Here are some of the more notable grabs made by BuyDomains, GoDaddy Backorder, Snapnames and Pool: – GoDaddy Backorder – GoDaddy Backorder – BuyDomains – BuyDomains – BuyDomains – Snapnames Backorder – Pool Backorder – Pool Backorder

Would I use ANY of these names to Brand my new Scooter site? Nah... Ok, what else is good? Here are some names currently being Tasted: – No – No – No – Close! – No – No – No – No – No – No – No – No – No – No – No – No – No – No – No – No – Good form, but No – Interesting, but No – No – No, sounds like a real event! – No – No – Close! – No – No – No – No

Hmm… no Clear-Ringers. I’ll have to hand-scan the 251 Available Names… (prepares Eyes, and… Go!) Here are the ones that stuck out: – Wrong niche – Not horrible – Too long, bad form – Ok – Ok – Odd message – Not catchy – Odd message – Not bad – Very Cool, but I don’t like the ‘R’ adjacent to the ‘T’ in the middle – No, I’m doing used -and- new – Too long – Not bad, but long – Pass, not catchy – Very Interesting Niche, but not for this site…

I want the “scooter” to be in the beginning of the domain, otherwise, someone could read “cooter“, and I, ahem, don’t want that…

Without a clear winner, I’ll run off to

When doing some checking my hand: I came up with:

uScooter – BuyDomains

Well, MY favorite is, but I’m stil not ready to commit to registering THAT domain name. In the meantime, I still want the site to be up, it’s back to the portfolio. What I came up with is short, brandable, cool-sounding, web2.0, etc… LET’S GO TO Great Deals on New and Used Scooters!

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