Life After eBay Stores

I’ve registered a few names over the past week and have quite a routine turning them into instant eBay stores. Having them *be* eBay stores or any kind of “store” isn’t what’s important, it’s the routine of not parking them, installing your own analysics, and getting keywords on to the page.

Now that putting up an eBay store is pretty much brainless thanks to my WordPress Plugin (6 left at only $12!), the focus has to shift to SEO and user experience. Since these stores have to do with products and using shopping APIs, there are many ways to take this:

  • Include CPA advertisers (from, Share-a-Sale, etc…)
  • Allows users to register and receive emails when a product listing meet certain criteria (brand keyword, price, time-left, etc…)
  • Contacting those eBay power-sellers who’s products appear in my stores. Who knows? Maybe they could drive traffic to my domains as well as their own (the more you throw at the wall…)

I’m constantly on the look-out for targeted WordPress themes or HTML/CSS templates for my domain keywords. Then comes the site organization: product topics and categories. Getting THESE right is critical for having the site look like a “real” store, i.e. a place where you’d like to stay a while a browse.

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