WP-Easy Update No.3

There are just 5 copies of the plugin left for only $12. This gives you lifetime updates and help in getting it running on your domain. Some very cool updates in version .03. See the feature list to get acquainted with the plugin.

Many Great New Features!

  • page-specific search keywords
  • page-specific categories
  • “hidden” keyword feature the user doesn’t see
  • a new List View in addition to the Gallery view
  • control of the number of items displayed

This update really lets you take control of how your store works.

Page-Specific Categories

You can see this working at Luxury Watches. Each page has been coded to target specific eBay categories for “Accessories”, “Antique” and “Tools & Parts”. The accessories page content looks like this:


[wpeasygallery cat="10325"]

Hidden Keywords (and the List View)

Sometimes the domain calls for a keyword to be included in the search ALL the time. Over at Cute Laptops, you can’t find a page NOT filled with everything PINK! But, you don’t want the user to see “pink” on each page. Here’s what the code looks like for the “The Shop” page:

[wpeasygallery hidekey="pink" type='list' permhidekey="1"]

This example also demonstrates the List View in action…

Control of Number of Items Displayed

This option really makes WP-Easy shine. If you wanted to have a specific heading only for the first few items ending soonest and then a different header for the remaining items, check out Christmas Gift Deals. Here’s the code behind that:


Items Ending Soon!

[wpeasygallery startindex="1" endindex="2"]

Items Coming Up...

[wpeasygallery type='list' startindex="3"]

What’s Next!?

Lots of great features packed into this update! Remember, only 5 left at $12. Get Yours Today!

Buy Now

WP-Easy has its own dedicated page now. That’s where you can learn how to install and set it up… Go There!

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