WP-EasyStore v0.04 Is Available With Amazon Support

The WP-EasyStore Plugin version 0.04 adds basic support for Amazon search results. You can see an example at Knight Minatures.

ShortCode tags can be used inside Posts or Pages to show Amazon products. Here’s an example:

[wpeasyamsearch key="knights" type="list"]

I’ve setup of new DropBuzz.com Forum to handle support for the plugin as well as providing recipes, how-to’s, trip & tricks, etc…

The WP-EasyStore Plugin is STILL ONLY $12. Buy it Now to get the instant download!

4 comments on “WP-EasyStore v0.04 Is Available With Amazon Support

  1. Great And Awesome Day 🙂

    Well – once I get this up and running (haven’t started yet) you can say “It’s so easy – even Evie can do it” 🙂

  2. Hi –
    he plug-in looks great!

    Just a few quick questions:
    1) Are you able to easily add blog/content pages in addition to the store pages? How would this work with the way you’ve set up the structure whereby the WordPress categories must be set to each eBay category?
    2) Are you able to add content/write up to the top of a store page (prior to the store items being listed)? This would especially be useful for the 1st page.


  3. The store gallery or listing will be displayed whenever your shortcode is run. You can create a regular site with regular posts/pages/categories and insert wp-easystore shortcode anywhere on any page/post.

    A “store” page is just a page/post with the shortcode present that grabs store items and displays them.

    WP-Easystore topics are links to non-existent WP categories/tags, the plugin catches this 404 and re-routes to index.php or whatever page ID you have set in its configuration…

    If you have some other examples/questions, you might want to try the forum:


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