Cream Off The Top or Cinnamon Sludge?

I’ve registered a bunch of names off the daily domain drop since last posting here, mostly over latte drinks, etc… I’ve refunded a lot back too — names that seemed like the tasty frothy milk foam at the top, but ended up feeling like the over-spicy sludge that ends up at the bottom of the mug…

Oh, well. I continue to develop eBay stores using my WP-EasyStore plugin. More nice enhancements coming soon. I’m also working on a GEO theme for my city/tourism domains.

Here are some names I’ve recently caught (and kept):

  • – for balance 😉
  • – need to find a cheap game developer, or borrow one
  • – the theme is looking better now
  • – need to use the Amazon feed better
  • – prime GEO with the “i”, hey even the Pope could use his own iPhone application!
  • – another WP-EasyStore shop
  • – Yikes! A little long…
  • – going to use the same application template a my

There were some more, but these are a pretty good representation… 🙂

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