Another Logo Design Contest!

I’ve had nothing but good experiences running logo design contests at Digital Point. You get a great logo at a very good price, and if you’re like me working in a lot of different directions not knowing which idea might bear fruit, getting value for the $$$ is critical.

My latest logo contest is for It’s designed to be a members-only forum where domainers can get (more) private, no-nonsense appraisals of their domain names (and have fun along the way!): which ones to refund, flip, hold, or develop. The plan is to open up when the logo contest finishes and I figure out the nuances of the forum software.

Who’s invited? I’ll be sending out a private invitation to members first, then open it up to the general domainer community. To get in, you’ll need to submit samples of your domains and then be approved. There IS a certain bar and quality of names I’d like to maintain…

Hang in there, it should be FUN!

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