New Version of WP-EasyStore is Out!

I’ve got an update of WP-EasyStore available. If you already own a copy, I’ll be sending you an email shortly with a link to the upgrade. Otherwise, the plugin is only $12.00.

The most visible added feature with this release is the formatting of search terms and eBay items titles which are now capitalized better. Lot’s of eBay sellers like to put their titles in ALL CAPITALS — I’ve fixed this.

You can see the new version working at:

Price is only $12 which is considerably lower than the other eBay scripts out there that DON’T integrate with WordPress. And, it’s an instant download after payment has been made.

Buy It Now!

2 comments on “New Version of WP-EasyStore is Out!

  1. Hi Jason,
    I bought one year ago your wp-easy plugin, and it has worked fine. Now, due to some changes at Ebay, it isn’t working anymore.

    Are you working on a fix for it? The original McJiffy script has been updated. Please, respond to this email. I’ll pay for your work.

    Thank you

    Roberto Longo

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