Gearing Up for San Diego's GeoDomain Expo

earth11I’ll be trotting down to San Diego later this week for the GeoDomain Expo. This will be my FIRST domain conference — first of many if all goes well. While I’m there, I’ll be twittering, blogging and chatting on my new social platform that I’ll be rolling out later today.

I really believe in GEO — not just because I’m a cartographer by training — but you’re not getting anything for free unless you’re holding premium city/country names. Long-tail GEO domains can work for local marketing campaigns as Shoe Money has demonstrated. The tools to GEO target internet users are abundant now: Google, Facebook, MySpace have advertising tools that get you very local.

Like any domain name, I like my GEOs to be short, clear, have over 100k residence, dot COM and to target popular services and products. Yes, that does rule out a lot of possibilities, but that’s good. E.g. I won’t be registering any names like (taken) any time soon.

Anywho, stay tuned as gears up for San Diego! More to come!

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