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Andrew from Domain Name Wire and Elliot from Elliot’s Blog have weighed in on the GeoDomain Expo, now it’s GoDrops’ turn!

This was my first domain conference, so I had really little to go on other than being familiar with a few of the personalities on the various panels. Setting up was a good idea and made a great ice-breaker during the expo.

The first person I met very early before the first breakfast on He had a novel business card with the question “ – Should I Develop?” printed boldly on the front. By the end of the expo, I had met and spoken with owners of City dot Coms, pattern collectors of long-tail GEOs, solutions providers, parking companies, major personalities, and so on. Very positive and friendly atmosphere!

If I could sum it all up in one word, that word would be “Partnerships“. Building a business relies on establishing partnerships, but these times call for being more creative. Partnering with journalists who’ve recently been let go or forced into retirement, partnering with other domainers who happen to have been grabbing the same kinds of domains you’ve been collecting, and how to partner with brick-and-mortar hotels, local businesses and even national advertising channels — just to name a few.

The most important messages delivered by guest speakers and members of the Association were: move out of your comfort zone, be creative, take risks, bet on yourself, in short, if  you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit, NOW is the time to engage it. Times of turmoil like these are leaving a lot of people guessing and more receptive to trying new ideas. There was a lot of talk about the current window-of-opportunity and how it won’t last forever. Old media will regroup for a comeback next year…

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  1. This is “the person from”.

    I had a clear answer to “should I develop?” — YES. Honestly, I had assumed this was the answer, what the conference added was a lot more information and details.

    Daniel Diachun from the one-day-to-be-developed Lexington, Kentucky”

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