Hitting the Ground Running!

running_legs2I chose the domain ResidentTourist.com for my domaining blog. What do you think? Two ‘T’s together? Oh, I know… but it is catchy, no? I thought about using my NameStew.com, but that sounded too much like a Chef Patrick spin-off, lol.

Anyway, I’ve just applied to be aggregated by NameBee.com — my Domain News reader of Choice. Crossing my fingers!

Oh, GoDrops.com fans don’t worry. I’ll still be running that site. I just needed a different space to have my take on the domaining world. GoDrops.com has always been more of a service than blog anyway…

Watch for a promotion soon on this blog… I LOVE giving stuff away! Especially my expiring domains, lol.

2 comments on “Hitting the Ground Running!

  1. “Two ‘T’s together”

    You Capitalized the second “T” and you use a second color.

    “Double T” problem solved beautifully, I think.

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