No More Bad Hair Days!

badhairA couple days ago I grabbed from the daily domain drop. The day before, by coincidence, my wife was complaining about how she couldn’t find the salon a friend had reccomended to her online. For the local places she could find, the reviews were either non-existent or not very helpful. The next day, I saw this name in the drop list and, well, I couldn’t resist pulling the trigger.

Google shows some decent searches for related keywords:

hair reviews            74000
hair review            49500
salon reviews            22200
salon review            12100
hair salon reviews            6600
hair color reviews            3600
hair care reviews            4400
beauty salon reviews            1000
beauty salon review            590

All these domain names are taken, of course (except for which I don’t consider in good form). Here are a few of the registrants of the popular variants:, WebMagic Ventures, LLC, RoboCut, Inc., privacy/parked, at goes back to 1995. Check out the Flowbee! Ah, that brings back As-Seen-On-TV memories…

Back to… a great name, a service everyone needs, and in good form. I’ll be building a review site using WordPress, so stay tuned!

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