Developing My Most Expensive Domain

flagThis is going to be the start of a series of posts describing how I go about developing my most expensive domain so far for 2009. The name is and it set me back a cool $25.00 at Snapnames recently.

For me, this is as near premium for geo/travel without having the exact city or generic “travel” keyword domain. Early last year I purchased a related name for over $600, but I think this one is better, not because it cost 25x LESS, but because it’s more catchy and feels more active. The other name is, by the way…

So, to get this  site up and running, first you’ll need an HTML template or CMS theme.  Since I do everything in WordPress, what follows is how I find suitable WordPress themes.

Choosing a Theme

The way I keep track of new themes is by reading daily. This is a site that I run and it helps me keep on top of the latest theme releases by the most popular WordPress theme authors. is another place to get more releases, but these vary in quality wildly from day to day. Another way to find themes of course, is to turn to Google. A search for WordPress themes reveals these recent lists from,,, another at and,

From all these sources, I’ve compiled a short-list of FREE themes that I feel are worth testing out for my new travel site,

There are, of course, premium themes and they do look better. But, I’m on a very tight budget. For next installment, I’ll have a working theme up and running with some “travel” content.

Stay Tuned!

7 comments on “Developing My Most Expensive Domain

  1. Glad to see you’ll be posting a series on how you’re developing this domain. It’s interesting to see the time line of how well online marketers have done, from beginning to end. I’ll keep an eye out for future posts.

  2. Thanks MLDina! Oh, and thanks for being the first commenter here at my new blog! I’m working right now on a booking affiliate program for the next installment… Stay Tuned!

  3. Really interesting blogs, Jason. I’m looking at Explore Hungary now, and the slide show is so inviting….

    (And I’m so jealous of your knowledge of website building.)

  4. Jason,

    Have you considered using a paid theme like thesis for your ‘bones’ of the site and then skinning your sites with unique headers and css? That will cut down a lot of time looking for and managing different themes, yeah?

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