Finding an Affiliate Program for Travel

handshakeAt the GeoDomain Expo a couple weeks ago, I found myself sitting down with a representative from over lunch. They’re big in Europe covering all the large hotels and the smaller independent ones (i.e. the long-tail). I’ve got a solid collection of undeveloped travel names now and it’s time I rolled-up my sleeves and get them built. Yesterday, I applied to their affiliate program and hope to be in contact with them early next week.

I’m still looking for WordPress magazine and news themes for inspiration, but I’m closing in on a couple. One thing I look for in any travel affliate partner is the availablity of content and the ability to do deep linking in their booking engine. Not only do I want a booking widget to paste into my WordPress theme, but listings as well that appear under my own domain.

Having that content on your own domain, gets you a little further along than being just a thin affiliate and allows you to get traction with Google with a greater variety of keywords. Also, the deep linking into their site would give me the ability to send users to more targeted areas such as individual and geographically targeted hotel listings and that should increase conversions.

I’m off to watch the daily domain drop over on… Stay tuned here for more development updates!

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