GoDrops.com – Your Daily Live Domain Drop

screenshot013GoDrops.com is my personal whois scanner gone wild. Everyday, I host the Web’s onlyLive Chat and Drop” event where I stream live my dropping domain picks for the day. Not only do you see domain dropping and picked up live by big companies like Buy Domains, Zag Media and Portfolio Brains, backorder services like Pool, Namejet and Snapnames, and domainer/drop-catchers like Dan Rubin, but you also get to chat along — you never know WHO will show up

You cannot find a higher quality dropped domain list anywhere and you can’t get any fresher than the LIVE domain drop. This is the best time to register dropped domains. There is NO filtering going on. I make my picks ahead of the drop time, turn on the whois scanner, and let it rip unfiltered to you everyday from 11am PST to 12:30 PST.

We’ve got a fresh new interface brewing right now, complete with the Live List, a Daily Report of what dropped and a Search. Check it out now over at http://godrops.com!

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