One Month and Ten Domains Later…

10Despite tracking a zillion (approx.) names in that time over at, only 10 new names have been added to my domain collection (dare I call it a portfolio?). I’ve been keeping busy developing a real-estate WordPress-based site and, of course, keeping up with what’s dropping and the bargains at auction.

Here’s a run-down of my latest 10 domains and why I pulled the trigger on them: (reg fee) – Think “generic drugs” or “generic medications”. Great Google searches and “outlet” makes a strong e-commerce brandable. – This is where all the bad guys set up shop and, in the end, where Detective Caine rolls in surrounding the place eventually taking the crime boss and his cronies down. Also, this domain could serve a property-search site… (reg fee) – typo of “Home Loans” (reg fee) – strong e-commerce suffix making a great celebrity/entertainment shopping site (reg fee) – Can 5 million searches on emerald keywords all targeted to jewelry be wrong? I am a little cool on the “Mart” suffix paired with luxury items, but it’s still a very consumer-friendly domain. (reg fee) – A total brandable. “Money” is a great keyword and with “companion” makes a great domain that could host a how-to money-management site. (reg fee) – Are people still buying SUV’s? I hope so! There are some obvious end-users that come up if you Google this. Again, a nice consumer-friendly “outlet” paired with a big money item. (reg fee) – I mentioned that I’ve been working on coding a real-estate site. These kinds of names would be perfect to lay down on top of that code and seek end-users: brokers, realtors, or maybe a self-listing type of site. (I grew up not far from Altoona, PA) ($40 at Snapnames private seller auction) – Ouch! This one hurt the wallet! Great tourist destination (I’ve been there, it’s awesome) and super Google search frequency. “apartments” works in europe and serves a different customer than “hotels”, so there may be some differentiation to work with there… (reg fee) – Another simple product e-commerce site. Christmas ornaments come inexpensive to mildly expensive and, more importantly, they’re easily shippable. A good consumer-friendly domain.

That’s it! My last 10 names. I think I did alright… =)

3 comments on “One Month and Ten Domains Later…

  1. Just saw this blog today jason. been over to godrops for quite sometime now. Glad you have a blog now. One quick question though, I have been acquiring some domain names through a paid dropped list, how is it different from getting names from snapnames or other drop catchers? thanks jason and all the best.


  2. Glad to see my fellow GoDroppers over here! … The same technique I use to pick names from the daily drop list I also use on Snapnames’ downloadable list of auction names (goes for Namejet as well). I don’t publish these auction picks, but I will when snapnames gives me an affiliate ID =)

    Snapnames/Namejet can help you find good names to backorder or bid on by using their advanced search. You can see who’s bidding on what and for how much — I usually look on the same day the auctions end, b/c people like bid at the last minute for a greater chance of getting the name.

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