Frank and Rick Like Domaining In Stereo

When I was getting my sea-legs in domaining, reading Frank’s latest blog post was something I really looked forward to. There was something reassuring and compelling at the same time seeing him waist high in blue tranquil water of the Caymans knowing his portfolio of generic domain names was doing the work for him.

Smash cut to Rick’s “Good morning folks!” Wow… it’s been too long without Frank’s yin to Rick’s yang. I feel like the Avatar has come and put the elements back in balance again… yes, it’s that good.

Frank is back blogging now after a long hiatus and what a come back! If you’re new to domaining read his latest post over and over again.

One thing he talks about – and I’ve made this my new mantra – are domains that “put the wind at your back”. THAT is something I now incorporate into every new domain purchase and auction bid.

If you’re a new domainer and not someone with cash to burn playing the numbers game, then I strongly advise you to take this to heart. Read and re-read Frank’s latest post…

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