A Facebook Group Opt-In Widget

I thought I’d try this out first on this blog and get some initial reactions. It’s part landing-page big in-your-face button, part friends profile gallery… anyway, it’s a call to action!

If you’re a domainer who’s looking for some extra WordPress Plugin Swag, then JOIN the API Domainers on Facebook today!

[button href=”%joinurl%”]Join[/button]
[p clear]
Join the
API Domainers
on Facebook!
[fb_group_gallery count=”15″ columns=”5″][/box]

One comment on “A Facebook Group Opt-In Widget

  1. Lots of issues popped out immediately… I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Here’s what’s missing:

    * cloaked URL redirect to the FB group
    * a “not now, thanks…” link that will not show the dialog for a set time, e.g. 3 days
    * color of the text inside the button would look better white

    Stay Tuned! =D

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