Delicious Leaves a Bad Taste In Your Mouth After 7 Good Years

TechCrunch initially reported the demise of the popular bookmarking service today and Gizmodo followed up with some tips on getting your bookmarks OUT of Delicious.

Method 1: head on over to the secure link at Delicious and export your bookmarks to a single HTML file.

Method 2: If you’re a techie like me and prefer XML, then try this method using the CURL command on your favorite terminal. Thanks to the folks at Hacker News for this hack…

curl https://{your username}:{your password} > bookmarks.xml

I’m not sure what bookmarking service I’m going to use now… Such as tragic fall — all that wonderful data. Delicious was a great search engine in it’s own right. (Raising fist, yelling) Yahoooooo!

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