Savory Bookmarks Updated Today

A number of improvements and feature additions to Savory Bookmarks were pushed today, notably Facebook share integration and UI improvements to the bookmarklet. Here’s a run-down of all the changes:

  • UI and positioning fixes to the bookmarklet
  • Shortcut links to Twitter, Facebook and My Bookmarks added to the bookmarklet and bookmarks pages
  • Popular Tags list added next to Recent Tags list
  • Date archive support added. The date adjacent to the bookmark list is now a link.
  • Multi-user mode added to the settings page. This will eventually enable more options in the future.
  • Author archive support added. Author will appear below the bookmark title if Multi-user mode is active
  • Duplicate tags from the recent and popular tags lists are removed.
  • Action links made visible when hovering over a bookmark to keep the UI clean and readable.
  • The shortener links made shorter by removing the slash from the ‘s’ slug. Now links have the form

After installing this fix, update your permalinks: Settings > Permalinks > Save Changes.

Enjoy the Updates! As always, let me know in the comments your experiences with Savory Bookmarks!

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