Spook Country Review

Just wrapped up reading Spook Country tonight. The ending was a bit of a let down: the contents of the container mundane and the locative-art/WiFi-geohacking totally underplayed.

The most interesting tech in the story centers around the holographic images produced via hacking WiFi signals. Throughout the novel though, this is only delivered as an after-thought. Viewing the holographic art was only possible using specialized visors. I was willing to bet money that the Milgrim character, through the (ab)use of the Rize drug, would be able to view the holograms WITHOUT the use of the visor at some critical point in the story.

I had thought that Milgrim’s captor was part of the government experiment to test the drug and that the mysterious shipping container had within it a mobile installation of the WiFi locative-art. Oh well… guess not! đŸ™‚

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