A Trello Board for Product Owners

I use Trello everyday to organize my work. I don’t ask the scrum teams to use it as they’ve already got a Jira board to work from and that provides enough organization for their development workflows. But, as product owner, there are tasks that fall outside the development statuses of ‘ready for testing’, ‘merged to dev branch’, ‘PR ready’, etc. Below are the lists in my day-to-day Trello board that I’ve found helpful:

tl;td Trello board for product owners

To Do: The universally reviled Ur-list. It all starts here… 🙂

Tomorrow: Many todo list proponents will advise you to plan your tomorrow, usually when you’re wrapping up the day or just before bed to avoid anxiety-ridden sleep. This list typically includes at the top, the tasks you MOST dread performing.

Doing: This is the list you keep strict limits on. Any more than 3 tasks in this column and you’re asking for trouble.

Waiting: You could call this a blocker, but sometimes you’re just wanting for an email or some other kind of feedback. Move “Doing” tasks here when you expect something back soon or performing a hand-off. When the task again lands in your lap, you can move it to “To Do”, “Tomorrow” or “Doing”.

Daily Stand-up: These are issues you’d like to bring up during scrum team’s daily stand-ups. After that’s over, move the task to another list.

Retrospective: These are issues that you don’t want to forget to bring up during sprint retrospectives. Usually you’ll encounter these throughout the sprint and trying to remember all of them on retro-day is mostly impossible unless you’re magical. After discussing the issue, you might want to move it to another list.

Stakeholder Reviews: These are important issues that you want to bring up at a stakeholder meeting, This could be during a weekly status meeting or during the actual sprint review meeting, or both!

Done: Basically a trash bin. Maybe you can specialize this into a “Goals Accomplished” list, but most the time, you just want to get tasks out of the way because… more tasks!

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