Simple String Generator in Python

Here’s some handy code for generating combinations of strings in Python. Provide a string with substitution variables and a list of iterables, and poof!

XAML Template for the WPF DatePicker Control

Here it is in all its glory: the WPF DatePicker control’s XAML template. This was generated using the method found HERE. My mission: to customize it, placing a time picker control below the calendar within the popup. Wish me luck! I’m going down the rabbit hole…

Using git to Remotely Install Website Updates

There’s a great recipe for this at Using Git to manage a web site. I thought I’d share my version of it, just slightly modified from the original and HostGator-centric. Even if you’re using shared hosting, you may still be able to use git to remotely install updates to your sites. I was pleasantly surprised […]

Rewriting WordPress URLs from the Ground Up

If you’re creating an application that uses WordPress for other than a blogging platform, then you might want to consider throwing out its default URL rules. I’ll use my Savory Bookmarks as an example. Savory uses custom post types to store bookmarks. This means that the WordPress LOOP has to be completly sidetracked to instead […]