Domainer WordPress Plugin

wpHere you’ll find the download links to the latest WP-Domainer plugin:


  • Display message at the top of every page with a personalized content and style
  • Top message can be integrated with WP-Ads
  • Shortcode tag for listing domains with obfuscation and case options
  • Insert favicon code into blog header and WordPress admin interface header


Current Version

  • [download id=”2″ format=”1″]


The settings panel contains options for setting the top heading content and style. If WPAds is present, options for using it will appear.

Domain Listings

The shortcode to display and format a list of domains is:


Shortcode Options

  • case: upper, lower, -no effect- (default) – change the case of the domain name
  • protect: true, false (default) – protect domain names from search engines
  • link: a template for the HREF attribute of a link
  • text: a template for text to be written
  • newwindow: true, false (default) – opens a new browser window when used with the link option
Template Variables
  • %dn%: the domain name
  • %dnob%: the obfuscated domain name


  1. Adding obfuscation to protect listings from search engines:

    [domains protect="true" case="upper"]


    [domains protect=”true” case=”upper”]

  2. Using the text option to template the anchor text

    [domains case="upper" text="» %dn% «"]


    [domains case=”upper” text=”» %dn% «”]

  3. Using the link option to show affiliate links:

    [domains case="lower" protect="true" link=""]


    [domains case=”lower” protect=”true” link=””]

Favicon Support

Simply upload your favicons into the plugin’s “fav” folder ( /plugins/wp-domainer/fav ) using the naming convention and your favicon will be inserted into your blog’s header. This is especially handy for WordPress MU installations.

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