Thermopylae Sciences + Technology (TST)

Agile Product Owner · Thermopylae Sciences + Technology · 2014 — present

  • leading the iSpatial product team
  • prioritizing activities based on business value and negotiations with various stakeholders

Environmental System Research Institute (ESRI)

Scrum Master · Content Management team for ArcGIS Pro · 2013 — 2014

  • coaching a team of 6 programmers and engineers using agile/scrum practices
  • breaking down complex user-stories to consistently deliver new and improved functionality at 2-3 week iterations
  • using kanban to organize tasks and track progress for each team member during the iterations
  • guiding daily stand-ups to resolve issues, check priorities, keep the team focused, motivated and productive
  • maintaining and grooming a backlog of user-stories to help estimate release schedules

Lead Developer and Product Engineer · 2001 — 2014


  • Project Content Manager – developing next generation tools to help users collaborate and manage their geospatial data in the ArcGIS platform – C#/WPF/XAML
  • Metadata Editor Toolkit – a standalone and open source version of the Documentation Editor. Available for download from ESRI. Used by ESRI distributors worldwide to customize ArcGIS – C#/WPF/XAML; also Apache Ant to convert internal source code to the open source version
  • Documentation Editor for Geospatial Dataa forms-based desktop application allows users to author documentation conforming to various ISO standards (e.g. 19115, 19139, 19119) – C#/WPF/XAML
  • Semantic Translator for Metadata – A prolog-inspired translation engine supporting conversions between documentation standards – two versions: C# and Java
  • ISO 19139 & OGC Catalogue Service – Served as committee member through draft and finalization processes for these two technical specifications
  • Middleware Services for Various Catalog Service Specifications – Service adapters for the protocols: ANSI/NISO Z39.50, Open Archives Initiative (OAI) and the Open Geospatial Consortium’s (OGC) Catalog Services ImplementationJava servlets, supporting various containers: Tomcat, ServletExec, Weblogic, etc…


  • Collaborate with various teams to design and implement solutions for the ESRI ArcGIS platform
  • Interface with international, federal, state and local agencies for product evangelism and support
  • Workshop & demo presenter at the annual ESRI International User Conference at the San Diego Convention Center for the past 11 years
  • Draft international standards OGC Catalogue Service and ISO 19139 – Geographic Information Metadata XML Schema
  • Create and maintain unit tests using JUnit, NUnit and an in-house python test harness
  • Ensure that software conforms to international, federal and industry standards

Other Software/Tech

Scrum Works, Git and Borland StarTeam Version Control, JUnit/NUnit testing frameworks, ClearQuest issue tracker, XML, XSLT, DTD, XML Schema, RDF, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, jQuery

Other Projects

The Bell and Berlitz Language Schools, Budapest, Hungary

English Language Teacher · 2000 — 2001

  • Teaching general and business English for companies, open courses and primary to secondary school students
  • Presenting in-service professional development workshops to managers and staff
  • Editor and Contributor for TEFL Roguery, a journal of English teachers in Budapest, Hungary

The Pennsylvania State University

Developer and Teaching Assistant – World Campus GIS Certificate Program · 1998 — 2000

  • Developed software used by students in a continuing and distance education program, Certificate Program in Geographic Information Systems, using Intergraph’s GIS software
  • Assisted faculty with the production of on-line materials and day-to-day operation of the courses (e.g. student questions, feedback, quizzes, grading, etc…)

Web Programmer – Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA) · 1995 — 1998

  • Developed a solution for managing thousands of geospatial metadata documents of state-wide datasets for an online catalog using Perl, MySQL, custom XML parsers and transformations.
  • Designed maps and imagery in support of the Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access portal – using Adobe Photoshop, Freehand, Illustrator and ESRI’s ArcInfo software

Multimedia Software Developer – College of Earth and Mineral Sciences · 1993 — 1995

  • Programming and Digital Art Work for Human Geography in Action from John Wiley & Sons’ publishers using Macromedia’s Director and Strata 3D

  • Produced interactive classroom materials for courses in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
  • Supervised and designed many small mapping projects for faculty, graduate students and various publishers

Pennsylvania State University · 1991 — 1995

Bachelors of Science — Geography, Cartography and Geographic Information System, plus 9 credits of Masters study

Professional Training

  • Scrum Member Training (2013), ESRI
  • Advanced Python Workshops PyCon 2012, Santa Clara, CA
  • Advanced ArcObjects, C++ (2003), ESRI
  • GeoDatabase Training (2002), ESRI
  • Advanced ArcObjects, Visual Basic (2001), ESRI
  • Cambridge CELTA Certificate (2000), International House, Budapest, Hungary
  • Intergraph GIS Certificate (1998), Intergraph, Huntsville, AL

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