Using git And rsync To Remote Install Code

It can be annoying to maintain a git repository on your web server and use commit hooks to install new code. Here’s a way to still use git, but instead use rsync to push those updates to the server.

How to setup git’s difftool on Windows

In this little recipe, we’re going to teach git on Windows how to run our own custom diff tool when we execute git difftool. The diff tool I’m using is WinMerge. We’ll need to enter a few new configuration options on the command line: git config –global diff.tool winmerge git config –global difftool.winmerge.cmd “C:/git-difftool.bat \”$LOCAL\” […]

Using git to Remotely Install Website Updates

There’s a great recipe for this at Using Git to manage a web site. I thought I’d share my version of it, just slightly modified from the original and HostGator-centric. Even if you’re using shared hosting, you may still be able to use git to remotely install updates to your sites. I was pleasantly surprised […]