Introducing the Tagology Theme, the personal bookmarking application powered by WordPress. Tagology lets you manage and search your bookmarks in a Delicious-like fashion but is open source and build on top the most popular CMS today, WordPress.

Have a look at the DEMO or view a screenshot:


  • Import your existing bookmarks from your Delicious account
  • Bookmarklet link to easily and quickly add or edit a bookmark
  • Twitter and Facebook integration including hashtags and link shortening
  • Search as you type for faster results
  • Displays favicons to quickly identify sites
  • Commenting and threaded Discussion support


Download the latest Tagology WordPress theme HERE.

Demo and Test Drive

Visit my personal bookmarks here:


  1. Unzip the source code archive and copy or upload the folder /savory/wp-content/themes/savory/ to your WordPress themes folder.
  2. To enable Savory, activate the Savory theme.
  3. Reset your permalink structure: Settings > Permalinks and click Save Changes

Strongly Suggested

These plugins power the demo and will make your site a lot more useful and user-friendly. Both are available on the WordPress plugins site.

  • Dave’s WordPress Live Search (download) – for an ajax-style search.

    Enable this plugin and go to Settings > Live Search and select Styles > Theme-specific option (next to last option)

  • WP-Paginate (download) – for the easy to use pagination bar below the list of bookmarks.


To import bookmarks from Delicious:

  1. Navigate to the following URL using your own username and password where indicated:
    https://{your username}:{your password}@api.del.icio.us/v1/posts/all
  2. Save the file to your computer
  3. In your WordPress control panel, go to Settings > Savory
  4. Select the file you downloaded using Import Bookmark File, the click Save Changes

24 comments on “Tagology

  1. I installed a fresh install of WordPress 3.1, but when I try to activate the Tagology theme I get the following error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in C:\HostingSpaces\delarou\christophdebaene.com\wwwroot\favorites\wp-content\themes\tagology\functions.php on line 43

    After commenting the line number 43, I get the following error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION, expecting ‘)’ in C:\HostingSpaces\delarou\christophdebaene.com\wwwroot\favorites\wp-content\themes\tagology\plugin.tagology.php on line 394

    Are there any other prerequisites for tagology. Note that I installed the 2 suggested plugins.


  2. Jason,

    How can Tagology’s RSS Feed of most recent bookmarks be displayed?


    In an unmodified WordPress install, the most recent blog posts can of course be pulled in via RSS, for say display via a sidebar widget.

    Which is what I would like to do.



  3. Thank You Jason for coding in my RSS feed request (!).

    In return I offer you a ‘tagline’ for your ‘Tagology’ brand name:

    {TAG}ology ~ The Science of Bookmarking.

    And I come with another question…

    Can we still have regular pages (not posts) ?

    I’d like to have an about page, help page etc.

    Thanks Jason.


  4. I am curious, how do you rename or delete tags?

    How do you export or backup your bookmarks?

    Not sure about the Live Search… does it display tags or page titles? Note, when I type something into the search field that is listed in one of the bookmarks, it does not appear. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

    Note, I had a little bit of trouble with these things hopefully I can better understand the script, as I really like the idea of a WordPress Theme for social bookmarking.

    • Using WordPress’s Export tool should also export the bookmarks. They’re stored in the same POSTS table. But, I don’t have an export to a standard format… The live search, yes, there’s something wrong with that. Best not enable that plugin until I track that down… it used to work… :/

    • You can edit the tags by using the bookmarklet again on the same webpage and modify the list of tags there =or= you can edit the bookmark in the WordPress admin panel in the “Bookmarks” sidebar on the left…

    • I use the bookmarklet on the page to edit/redo the tags. Drag the bookmarklet (in the footer) to the browser toolbar, go to the bookmarked page, then click the bookmarklet button, then edit the tags…

  5. I have one more question, I am having trouble with the part in the instructions that says about permalinks –>
    “Reset your permalink structure: Settings > Permalinks and click Save Changes”

    Not sure what to do. I notice that when I click on a tag in your demo on b.cuppster.com that it shows me the list of bookmarks that has those tags assigned to it. It doesn’t work on mine.

    My site is


    maybe you can tell me how to get it working? If you need password to access admin panel, will setup account so you can access if you need it. You might probably not need it as I believe you are very familiar with the workings of your script and can help me. I sincerely thank you for your time and effort and in making tagology WordPress theme. I have been looking for a social perspective on bookmarking with a stable content management system, such as is WordPress, on which it could run.

    • I finally figured out how to get the ‘clicking on the tags’ working in Tagology. I had the Permalinks set incorrectly. It was simple to fix. after reading the instructions on the Settings -> Permalinks in WordPress (and looking at your site’s URLs when clicking a tag), I noticed that I needed to simply change:

      Custom Structure under Permalink settings from


      to just, simply:


      Also, I would like to add that Dave’s Live Search feature for Tagology seems to be working for me, but I needed to install an older version of WordPress 3.1.4. Please note that the results for the live search appear at the bottom of the page.

  6. Hi Jason,

    I just upgraded my tagology site to wordpress 3.3

    and the bookmarks disappeared from the homepage, and now only my first ever bookmarked entry is showing:


    I had bookmarked the website itself as a test, and as you can see it worked.

    The popular tags are still there as are the bookmarks is you go directly to the date url, Today’s bookmarks for example:


    I bookmarked the most recent entry AFTER I upgraded to wp 3.3, so they are being entered, just not showing up on the homepage.

    Also the RSS feed, which I do indeed use as a kind of linkblog on a number of my personal blogs is now blank:


    Also, though not a big deal, I am unable to delete the spam comments akismet caught. Not a big deal as they ain’t showing up anywhere anyway.

    So, if anyone is about to upgrade to wp 3.3, please wait !

    Hopefully you have some time to look at this.

    Thanks in advance,


    • Yes… bookmarklet is failing for me too… Looks like I’ll have to crack this thing open again and fix everybody’s issues =D I use this pretty heavily, so I’m hurting now too. Bookmarklet should open a new window instead of trying to insert itself in the current page — that fails too often (and is now broken). I’ll try to get to this a.s.a.p… thanks! – J

    • That would be great to do. I still use the wp plugin everyday for my own bookmarks, but it doesn’t work on HTTPS pages. Doing a chrome ext. would fix that… wouldn’t need to much modification… I’ll check it out… thanks for the link!

      • Only you please do not forget to put the google chrome extension, yet I too use your plugin as the main bookmarks .. I would have really helped this expansion ..

  7. Hello Jason,

    Sorry, but you can not help me with bookmarklet? I do not work bookmarklet 🙁
    Perhaps this is due to release WordPress?

    Thank you!

  8. I am having difficulty with the installation of your theme. Does not work bookmarklet. WordPress is not fundamentally site, and a folder. You can help me please? How to contact you? This is very important, please help

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